Epoxy and Warehouse Floor Cleaning

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It is essential to have a clean and clear floor surface in your commercial setting. While many commercial entities will have general cleaning at their properties, it is necessary to account for epoxy floor coatings and general floor surface with the proper cleaning. The most effective team will ensure a clean epoxy floor and cover […]

COVID-19 Cleaning: How Our Janitors Support South Florida Businesses

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These are challenging times and janitorial services allow essential businesses to operate. We’re doing everything possible to support South Florida during the COVID-19 crisis. Rest assured, we’ve taken extra precautions to keep our clients and staff safe. This is our top priority. To decrease the spread and likelihood of a facility outbreak, we’ve taken measures. […]

6 Reasons to Hire a New Office Cleaning Service


Have you been contemplating hiring a new office cleaning service?  Perhaps you feel your current janitorial service is not living up to expectations? Does your office staff constantly complain about overstuffed trash cans, dust on desks, and filthy restrooms? If you can relate to all these situations perfectly well, the chances are high that your current […]

Janitorial Services for a Safer Workplace

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

According to USA Today, one dead and 10 fell ill due to a Buffalo Wild Wings cleaning safety incident. Janitorial services performed by cleaning professionals prevent incidents such as injuries and the mishandling of cleaning solutions that can cause severe illness. Many businesses in South Florida understand the necessity of workplace safety and the implications […]

6 Things to Look For When Hiring a Janitorial Service


  Whether it’s a commercial office space or a retail property, cleaning is an essential part of creating a healthy work environment and establishing a positive reputation. Clean spaces are also linked with increased productivity among employees, and less sick days taken. Smaller businesses might attempt it on their own, but it’s widely acknowledged that […]

Pet Stains & Odors – How We Remove Them From Your Carpet


It’s inevitable, whether we know it or not our pets occasionally have accidents in the home. For one reason or another they love to do it on the carpet! As an owner of three dogs myself, I know how much of an annoyance it can be when your beloved pet has an accident on your […]