06 Feb 2020

6 Reasons to Hire a New Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning Service Thorough Vacuuming

Have you been contemplating hiring a new office cleaning service?  Perhaps you feel your current janitorial service is not living up to expectations?

Does your office staff constantly complain about overstuffed trash cans, dust on desks, and filthy restrooms?

If you can relate to all these situations perfectly well, the chances are high that your current office cleaning service is not doing their job well, and it is the right time to make a switch.

The purpose of hiring a company to handle your office cleanliness is to get rid of any associated hassles. With subpar cleaning contractors, a service that is supposed to make your job easier often turns into a bigger headache.

It should not be this way.

If you have been hot-and-cold about finally making a change and bringing on a new cleaning company, here are a few tell-tale signs which indicate it’s time to take the next step and make the switch that your staff has been begging for.

Inconsistent Service and Constant Mistakes

Have seldom cleaning concerns turned into a monthly, weekly, or even daily occurrence?  If so, do you feel you are not getting the most out of your cleaning service?

When you are making an investment in the cleanliness of your office, don’t settle for mediocre service.  Rest assured, there are quality janitorial services available in the Broward and Palm Beach market.  All you need to do is look for the best professionals in the industry.

Undoubtedly, it may feel like a daunting task finding a cleaning company that will actually do what they say they will but be optimistic, they are out there!

Frequent Changes in Cleaning Staff

High rates of employee turnover are certain to negatively impact cleaning results.  Invest in a company that puts their staff first.  High employee morale and low turnover of cleaning staff equate to a better and more consistent cleaning outcome.

Dust Build Up and Lack Of Detail

Attention to detail is what separates the subpar office cleaning service to the one that goes above and beyond.  The scope of work should be determined in the initial cleaning proposal and followed by your cleaning company.

If your relationship with your cleaning service did not start with a scope of work, it was destined to fail from the start.

To ensure a successful partnership with your janitorial service, make sure everyone is on the same page prior to services rendered.  Furthermore, it is important that your cleaning service continues to follow the initial scope of work as time goes on.

You Receive Complaints or Worry About First Impressions

While some clients and visitors will never complain or express their thoughts about your messy lobby or dirty reception. However, some of them will have no qualms about it.

As a responsible business in the Boca Raton area, you must take every singular complaint related to uncleanliness very seriously. Dirty windows and doors could be bad enough, but dirty restrooms are even worse.

Nevertheless, your first impression is the last impression. Uncleanliness not only promotes negative vibes among employees but it also irks your customers which is the least that you will ever want.

Above all, managing cleanliness and handling the related issues should never be your point of worry. We are sure, you have plenty of other things to think about. This is why we are here with our best cleaning services.

We understand how important your business reputation is for you, and we won’t spoil it.

Use of Old and Outdated Equipment

To be able to keep your office clean, your janitorial service needs to use the high-end and advanced equipment that facilitates proper cleaning.

However, if you find that they do not vacuum and mop well, do not sanitize the restroom properly, and do not rush to clean things in case of spillages and other related incidents, it is important to learn why.

Maybe they are simply cost-cutting, or are lazy, or do not have the required resources. It is essential to find the reason behind. If you find anything illogical, it is safer to assume that your cleaners are not as reputable as you thought.

The solution? It is time to look for responsible janitorial service. Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. We master the art of delivering the best services while also ensuring that there are no mishaps or damages to your property.

Poor Communication

Communication is the key to a successful relationship between an office and its janitorial cleaning service.  Do you rarely hear from a manager from your cleaning service?  Perhaps you call or email your janitorial service with a cleaning concern and are ignored or met with an unconcerned reaction.

At Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions we see communication with our clients as a top priority.  All questions are answered and all concerns are addressed.

The Next Steps

If you own a business in South Florida and are noticing any of the signs listed above, probably it is the right time to make a switch and try out cleaning services alternatives.

Look for a service that is responsible, reputed, equipped with the high-end tools and supplies, and is backed up by a great team. Hire our professional cleaning services in Broward and Palm Beach Counties today, and discover how we tick all the right boxes!

Contact us today.

05 Mar 2019

Pet Stains & Odors – How We Remove Them From Your Carpet

It's inevitable, whether we know it or not our pets occasionally have accidents in the home. For one reason or another they love to do it on the carpet! As an owner of three dogs myself, I know how much of an annoyance it can be when your beloved pet has an accident on your carpet or rug. Our pet stain and odor decontamination process explained below completely removes pet stains and odors from your home.

Infographic of Pet Stain and Odor  Decontamination Process

Pet Stains & Odor Decontamination Process Explained

When your pet has an accident on the carpet it seeps below the fibers to the pad, and all the way down to the sub-floor. Due to the depth of the stain, a standard carpet cleaning will only do so much to completely remove it. For this reason we use a multi-step process to

  1. Locate
  2. Treat
  3. Remove

the stain and odor from your home. To provide you with a complete understanding of our process, I created an infographic showing steps involved.  The steps we use to remove pet stains and odors from your home are explained below.

Step 1: Locating The Pet Stains

The first step in our pet stain and odor removal process is locating the stains. Sometimes you can see the stain directly. Often times a high powered UV light is required to pinpoint stains that are not visible to the human eye.

Check out the video below of a heavily soiled carpet under UV light.

Step 2: Treat Pet Stain Contaminated Area

The second step in the process is treating the area. Using a product that works as both an enzyme and an oxidizer, we saturate the contaminated area.  Now it's time for the product to work into the fibers, all the way down to the padding and sub-floor. In South Florida we see a lot of synthetic as well as natural fiber carpets such as wool, so we use a product that is safe to use on both wool and synthetic carpet fibers.

Step 3: Extract and Rinse Carpet

It's time for the final step of the pet stain and odor removal process.  We use a sub-surface cleaning tool which lifts up the moisture from the area that was saturated in step 2. After extracting the detergent from the carpet we then rinse with water.  Finally we extract the area leaving free of pet stains and odors. Check out the video below to see step 3 in action.

Pet Stain & Odor Free: Clean and Decontaminated Carpets

After all steps have been performed, your carpets are fresh and free of all pet stains and lingering odors associated. The next time your furry family member has an accident on your carpet, leave the cleaning to the pros!

Contact us to learn more, and see what makes us Boca Raton's best IICRC certified pet stain and odor removal specialists.

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