Professional Commercial Cleaners in Pompano Beach, FL

Cleaning an office building can be very hectic if you don’t have the right equipment and expertise. Often, those who choose to do their own office cleaning end up doing a poor job or leaving certain areas uncleaned. Sawgrass Cleaning focuses on its personnel and procedures to offer your company the best professional commercial cleaning service in the industry.

Our Complete Commercial Cleaning Services

At Sawgrass Cleaning, we have a team of professional staff that are qualified to handle a wide range of extensive commercial cleaning specialty services. We are proud to offer businesses a professional cleaning service that is good for the environment and cleans with a sense of purpose.

Our commercial cleaners provide a cleaning schedule, use hospital-grade sanitizers, cleaning products, and disinfectants, and deliver outstanding work.

Listed below are some of the commercial cleaning services we provide:

1. Commercial Cleaning

Our team of professional cleaners offers professional cleaning and service for office buildings, schools, retail stores, healthcare facilities, commercial establishments, and other facilities. This includes the cleaning and disinfection of all corners of your business space.

Regardless of which industry you work in or the unique cleaning and disinfection requirements your company has, Sawgrass Cleaning in Pompano Beach, Florida, is prepared to meet your commercial cleaning needs.

2. Office Cleaning Services

With the help of our professional office cleaning services, we provide your staff with a clean, healthy, and distraction-free working environment. We also work to stop the spread of illnesses like the H1N1, Sars, and Coronavirus and lower employee sick days, which results in higher productivity. 


3. Janitorial Services

It’s time to hire the pros if you’re sick of switching your janitorial service provider because they don’t follow through on their commitments. Sawgrass Cleaning’s janitors have the skills and knowledge to do a good job that you can count on.

If you hire us, we can make this job easier and improve the cleanliness.

4. Floor Care Services

After a busy week, the floors in a commercial building can go through serious wear and tear, resulting in dull surfaces and dirt. Our professional commercial cleaners will restore the beauty of your floors and protect them from deteriorating quicker than they should.

Our friendly, knowledgeable personnel offer premium services at affordable prices. We will offer a speedy turnaround time for commercial floor cleaning.

5. Sanitation and Disinfection Services

Bacteria quickly grows on every surface in public and private buildings, like door handles and keyboards, which can spread diseases like the flu. Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions uses electrostatic disinfection to get rid of COVID-19 and other infections in your offices and other parts of your business.

It is a safe, reliable, cost-effective, and efficient method. Below are a few benefits of getting electrostatic disinfection:


  • Electrostatic spray produces a homogeneous, circumferential mist that completely disinfects indoor spaces, including those hard-to-reach regions.
  • This potent disinfectant eliminates viruses and bacteria on contact, enhancing infection control.
  • E-intense spray’s adhesion to objects and surfaces makes it persist longer than regular disinfection services.
  • The air is safer for breathing because bacteria and viruses are no longer present.
  • E-spray lowers the cost of healthcare by halting the spread of diseases.

6. Medical Cleaning Services

We have a special cleaning service for hospitals, dental clinics, surgery centers, doctor’s offices, chiropractic offices, and other medical facilities.

We utilize specialized cleaning methods designed specifically for these spaces as part of our healthcare cleaning services. We promise to present you with a polished image, cleaner air, and cutting-edge disinfection.

7. Carpet Cleaning Services

It’s crucial to keep your carpet regularly cleaned and disinfected in your house or place of business. Carpets can accumulate bacteria that are potentially detrimental to your health over time.

At Sawgrass Cleaning, our carpet cleaners have gone through a lot of training so that they can provide you with the best cleaning standards, knowledge, tools, and safe chemicals.

8. Upholstery Cleaning Services

Any type of upholstery is a popular breeding ground for bacteria. However, investing in upholstery or fine fabric cleaning will ensure good hygiene and wellness. We provide specialized upholstery cleaning as well as fine fabric cleaning services.

The Best Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Pompano Beach, FL

Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions is dedicated to giving business owners in Pompano Beach, FL, top-notch service at a fair price. From your first contact with us through aftercare, our courteous staff will guide you through every step of the service. We hope to clean and refresh your office or business by giving it a thorough, professional cleaning.

Call us today at (561) 909-9988 to schedule professional commercial cleaning and get a free quote.