Keeping Your Workplace Clean Can Increase Productivity

The first impression matters most in business. The way your office looks paints a clear picture in the clients’ minds that walk into your organization. Some clients use that to predict the kind of service they will get from your organization.


However, it is not only making good impressions; your office appearance also affects your employees. Disorganized office space will most likely breed lazy/unproductive employees. So, in this simple guide, we’ll cover why it is crucial to keep your workplace clean and how you can keep it clean.


Why is it Important to Maintain a Clean Workplace?

There are many reasons to ensure that your office cleaning job is taken care of professionally. Firms will turn to commercial cleaning services to take care of their cleaning jobs because they understand they can respond to job ads and use their cleaning experience to ensure that a job is well done.

At the same time, remember that you can also have some procedures to ensure that minor cleaning jobs in your office environment are taken care of over the long term.

If you want to ensure that your offices stay clean, make sure that some minor protocols are in place so that everyone stays responsible for a great atmosphere within the company environment.

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It is necessary to expect the best from people in your organization in all aspects so that every single one of your departments provides the relevant results that help your firm move forward.

There are various types of cleaning that need to take place. These tasks will include stripping out previous liners, regular sanitation, cleansing the floors, dusting, cleaning windows, and having clean air in the rooms.

As you can see, there are a variety of jobs to be done to ensure a clean working place. Let us look at some of the benefits for your company.

Enhance Productivity

Most people don’t work well in a messy and dirty environment. A cluttered and disorganized workspace can harm your employees’ productivity. It can affect mental clarity and create confusion. Remember that the right environments always matter in many different areas.

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For instance, when you go into different shops in the mall, it will be clean, tidy, and nice. At the same time, you will also tend to hear upbeat music and have smiling faces that will greet you. That is an environment you will want to stick around for a while. In the same vein, you want to have your rooms inviting so that people can feel great while working. With the arranged space, most employees get less distracted and focus more on results. So, keeping a tidy, well-arranged office is an excellent way to increase productivity in your office. Besides, a dirty office space can increase your employees’ sickness rate; you don’t want that.

Boosts Employee Satisfaction

A clean environment is a great way to boost your employees’ satisfaction. A clean working environment makes the workers feel more appreciated. It also gives them positive feelings towards the working environment, which greatly impacts their satisfaction. That is because employees spend several hours in the office environment most days a week. A clean and arranged working space will make them more comfortable and boost their satisfaction.

Less Absenteeism

A dirty and untidy environment is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Bacteria and germs can create issues for the body. Therefore, a messy office can lead to your employees falling sick.

A clean office will contribute significantly to the good health of your employees. Good health means fewer sick days and reduces the rate of absenteeism; a clean office environment equals healthier employees.

Motivates Employees

When you maintain a clean workplace, it appears more dignified and respectable. It will undoubtedly influence the mental attitude of the workers. There is a motivation to work that comes with an arranged space. It brings more relevance to your organization and helps set a structured program. It motivates employees to work more professionally.

Contributes to Equipment Life

Keeping your clean workplace guarantees the longevity of your office equipment and furnishings. It also secures the well-being of your workplace, assets, and the environment.

Avoid Bad Press

Imagine a press member coming to visit, and they meet your office dirty and disorganized. That is bad press, and it is terrible for your business. It could cause a significant loss to your business if word got out.

How to Achieve a Clean Workplace?

There are ways to maintain a clean, professional, and organized work environment without breaking the budget. Here are some tips for keeping your office premises clean and organized.

Use Proper Storage for Everything

Get an office stationery cabinet. It allows you to gather all the small items needed to run your business. It also enhances easy access to them when needed. You should avoid mishandling files and other stationery because it leads to clutter. Label the drawers with the names of the items kept in them to avoid unnecessary stress. It also promotes orderliness in the workplace.

Control the Mess

Although your employee might have a messy desk during work hours, try to control the mess. A cluttered desk usually builds up over time. Encourage your employees to put things back how they found them.  Pick any paper or item and dispose of it properly.

After a week, unused papers in the box should be disposed of in the trash can or recycled. In a nutshell, anything that has not been used in a week should not be seen in your workplace. It would help if you gave your telephone and desk a thorough wipe with disinfectants once a week. Your phone can quickly pick up dust, grime, dirt, fingerprints, food stains, and bacteria.

A weekly wipe-down will ensure your desk is clean and bacteria-free.

Introduce Cleaning Routine to Employees

Remind everyone regularly that a clean office creates a more efficient working environment. It is in everyone’s best interest to help out.

Encourage your employees to cultivate the habit of properly washing their hands, especially before eating and after using the restroom. Hand sanitizers should be placed in strategic places in the company.

Also, teach them simple cleaning routines like properly disposing of garbage and decluttering their desks. Lastly, you want to encourage everyone to always leave their desk clean at the end of each workday.

Allow Remote Working for Sick Employees

Try to create an enabling remote working experience if you can. That is, allow some employees to work from home.

You can create a hybrid work environment so that employees can come into the office and stay home in times of sickness while still working and furthering their careers.

That way, you can protect your other employees from harmful germs.

Organize Your Cables

You should regularly arrange and dust off your cables to prevent misconnection or cluster. Organize your cables to reduce the dust and prevent wires from getting jam-packed. Dispose of torn and worn-out cables into the trash can to avoid electrocution.

A weekly wipe-down will ensure your cable is clean and dust-free. When this is done, it reduces the risk of getting a cold or flu.

Encourage Employees Not to Eat at their Desk

Eating at a desk can leave behind a mess of crumbs and stickiness all over the work area. It can also produce an unpleasant smell and attracts insects. Instead, have a designated area ( an eatery) where employees can eat. That will reduce dirt from food crumbs.

At the same time, remember that helping employees move away from their desks can help them take a genuine break that translates into better mental health.

Employ A Commercial Cleaning Services Firm Like Sawgrass Cleaning For Your Company Buildings

Get the help of a cleaning agency to handle your office cleaning if you can’t take it. You don’t have to worry about anything again with most cleaning agencies.

They come in at the end of each day or week for deep professional cleaning.

Looking For Help With Cleaning to Enhance Your Productivity? Reach Out to Our Team At Sawgrass Cleaning Today

A clean and organized office is essential to your worker’s productivity and satisfaction. The tips in the last section are great ways you can keep your office clean and friendly. However, if you can’t handle your cleaning needs yourself, your best bet is to get a cleaning agency to handle your office cleaning.

Since our inception, we’ve built a track record and a reputation for always doing right by our customers and delivering superior results that stand leaps and bounds above the competition. We invest in hiring and training the best cleaning teams in the area and use cutting-edge cleaning technology, innovative techniques, and safe cleaning solutions that exceed expectations.

As business owners, we know that every organization faces its unique challenges, from cleaning budgets to operational issues with sanitization. Taking a client-centric approach, we work with each new client to develop customized solutions that perfectly fit the end goal.


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