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Marble & Stone Polishing

Some of the most expensive and elegant materials to use for flooring, countertops, and other flat surfaces are marble, travertine, granite, and stone. Nothing can truly compare to the inherent beauty of these materials, and many homeowners and business owners who choose to have these materials used for their flooring, countertops, or any other flat area will want to maintain their elegance.

When you have natural stone for a floor or countertop, it takes a good deal of experience to clean and polish those surfaces properly. Granite counters and travertine tile floors will often require the services of a cleaning professional to undo the effects of wear and tear over time. Cleaning stains from the surfaces and polishing stones requires certain equipment and products so that no harm comes to the stone surfaces.

At Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions, our team is well-versed in all types of materials that have been used for flooring and other surfaces. We will utilize our experience and expertise to provide our commercial and residential clients with the stone grindingstone polishing, and marble sealing that may be necessary to return the stone to its original state. Our final polish can also enhance the stone’s or marble’s inherent beauty.

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Stone &Marble Polishing

Stone Grinding

During installation, your stone or marble tiles may not be perfectly flat. We use a stone grinding process that involves a special rotary machine with weights to grind the floor perfectly flat, giving you a completely even appearance across the entire floor. The stone grinding process is commonly known as lippage removal.

After successfully removing the lippage, we clean your stone or marble flooring using safe cleaning solutions to eliminate any material we removed from your flooring.

Stone Polishing

tone and marble polishing is a treatment designed to brighten the stones, especially if they have become opaque or yellowed over time. If the natural stone or marble is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, our team at Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions can also reverse the sun’s adverse effects.

In the polishing process, we remove the worn layer of the marble or stone and reveal the beautiful surface underneath. In the shining process, you will see a return to the natural beauty of the stone or marble using specially designed products that will not cause any harm to the flooring.

The only result will be a shimmering, beautiful stone, marble, or granite surface that is second to none.

Why Is Natural Stone Restoration Important for Business Owners?

Stone polishing is a critical aspect of floor care because it will leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. When using the natural stone as your flooring or for any other hard surface, it is important to maintain its natural beauty. That is not easy, though, especially in high-traffic areas.

There is nothing quite like looking across a clean and shining marble or granite surface and seeing the reflection of everything around the room. Polishing those surfaces enhances the overall experience you will have in a room and screams elegance and richness.

When there are stains, dust, or scratches on the floors, that can severely detract from the experience since they will no longer shine as they had before.

At Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions, our marble polishing team can help you maintain your floors and surfaces so that your clients will always be impressed when they walk through your door. You made the investment in marble or granite over concrete or limestone for a clear reason, and it is essential that you eliminate grit or anything else that takes away from the shine of your marble or granite floors.

We also advise that you protect the marble or granite by sealing them after they have been cleaned and polished. Our team will follow up with you about this service.

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If you are searching for a company that can provide you with the cleaning and polishing of granite, marble, or natural stone, contact Sawgrass Cleaning SolutionsWe understand how a scratch can affect your floors’ luster, and our team is here to help you keep your brand as shiny as your marble floors.

Contact us today to learn about our grinding and polishing techniques and the types of products we use. Our team will restore your marble from scratches and remind you why you chose marble over concrete! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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