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Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions offers commercial floor cleaning services in Boca Raton, FL. We clean commercial floors, including offices, industrial, higher education, medical, etc. We will help keep your floors clean and enable you to have more time to focus on your business or personal issue if you hire us to do your commercial cleaning job.


Our staff is highly trained and experienced in performing quality floor cleaning work in commercial facilities. We will use modern tools, equipment, and environmentally-friendly detergents to clean your business space or office building floors.  

Our Floor Cleaning Services To Commercial And Office Spaces

We’re experienced commercial floor cleaners. You can hire us for routine work or any day for deep cleaning work to remove dirt in all areas, including the hidden parts that you don’t clean regularly.

We clean all types of floor surfaces.

They include:

  • Vinyl floors
  • Concrete floor

  • Tile floor

  • Stone

  • Hardwood floors

  • Ceramic

  • Marble

  • Carpet

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Deep floor cleaning is one of the most important janitorial services that will transform the appearance of your commercial or office space. We clean all types of hard surface floors and carpets. We will also clean your washroom floors or changing rooms where limescale and calcium can build up and cause a huge cleaning problem.  

Floor Deep Cleaning Services

You will need a deep commercial or office cleaning job to make your floors sparkling clean and inviting. Floors may look dull over the years, especially if you only perform quick or temporary cleaning or mopping to only removes dust and dirt.


We will deep clean your floors at the most convenient times for you, whether during the weekend or on a weekday to remove the toughest residue, stains, grimes, and dirt. We can also work after office or business hours. 


Benefits Of Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

You will get numerous benefits when you hire our commercial floor cleaning work. They include:

1. Customized Cleaning Services

Whether you want a daily or single cleaning job or services on your commercial or office floors, we will customize your needs. We will check your floors and determine the process we will use to ensure we do quality cleaning work.

2. We Use Proper Cleaning Equipment Supplies

We use safe and efficient cleaning tools and supplies. We don’t use harmful chemicals or scrubbing materials that may damage your floors. Our goal will be to ensure we get rid of all dirt, debris, and dust. We will leave your business space smelling fresh and appearing tidy. Mops and dusters are not adequate to perform quality work compared to what we can do with our tools and cleaning supplies.

3. Experience And Expert Service

We have excellent experience offering quality cleaning services to numerous commercial spaces such as office buildings, business centers, etc. We will pay attention to every floor area and do quality cleaning work.

Allowing yourself to continue getting average or shoddy cleaning work from inexperienced people or other companies may negatively affect your business. Your clients or customers may doubt your commitment to excellence because of a poor cleaning job.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning in South Florida

4. Enhance Work Environment

No one will enjoy working in a dirty or bad-smelling environment. The main objective why businesses use commercial services to clean their floors is to enable their staff to work in a pleasant working environment.


Your customers and employees may have a bad impression of you or your managers if their working space is always dirty.

5. Increase Work Productivity Through Protecting Employees' Health

A hygienic environment is also characterized as a place that poses no health risks due to issues such as dirt or dust. When you hire us to clean your commercial floors, we will help you protect your employees’ health.

When your employees are in good health or not asking for sick leave, they will be more productive in the workplace.

Why Choose Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services In Boca Raton, FL and Surrounding Areas

At Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions, we are experts in providing quality floor cleaning work. Our staff are highly trained and experienced to provide you with a quality commercial cleaning job on your office or business floors. We are insured and licensed to do cleaning work in Boca Raton, FL.

Our charges are fair and affordable. Our cleaning staff is highly experienced in doing an excellent job and ensuring everything is safe, just like before the cleaning work started.

Contact us today and let us do your commercial floor cleaning work so that you can focus on your main objective-your work or business.


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