Electrostatic Disinfection Services for Offices and Commercial Buildings in South Florida

Electrostatic Disinfection offers a safe, effective, reliable and affordable way to properly disinfect your workspaces and other areas of your establishment from COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Serving offices, commercial buildings, and medical facilities from Delray Beach to Boca Raton to Ft. Lauderdale

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    Leading Features and Benefits of Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

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    COVID-19 Disinfection Solutions Offices and Commercial Buildings

    Electrostatic disinfection provides a solution for offices and commercial spaces. From influenza to COVID and other pathogens, our team stands ready and capable to help prevent contagions in your place of business, helping you bolster your brand positioning and building trust with employees and customers alike.

    Electrostatic Disinfection Works for Your Office

    For most commercial businesses, regularly cleaning surfaces, flooring, and high touch areas is a part of doing business. They utilize traditional cleaning methods such as mopping, vacuuming, and wet and dry dusting. Although these cleaning methods are “standard”, they often do little more than spread dirt, debris, and potentially dangerous mold, bacteria, and viruses from one place to the next. Not only does “wet dusting” utilize harsh chemicals, but this method also makes it difficult to adequately clean and disinfect uniquely shaped objects and hard to reach places. Electrostatic cleaning utilizes fine atomized disinfection particles that “stick” to the surface they are sprayed on and instead of blasting chemicals on hard surfaces to make pathogens become airborne. It evenly coats the surfaces in your building eliminating more germs and pathogens than traditional cleaning.

    The businesses of today face serious and potentially deadly challenges. Keeping workspaces and customer/client areas clean, safe, and free from harmful pathogens (such as the Novel Coronavirus), and remains, a top priority. Employees, staff, clients, and other stakeholders expect and have a right to work and shop in a safe space that they can trust has been properly disinfected.

    Let Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions help you and your business reliable tackle the unique challenges faced amid COVID-19 and growing biological threats.

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    Josh and his team do an amazing job. They are reliable, professional and use all “green” cleaning supplies. Our client’s provide us feedback often on how clean our facility is. Sawgrass Cleaning is the best cleaning company we have every used. I highly recommend Sawgrass Cleaning!


    – Elements Massage

    Joshua responded quickly with a quote for our office building with a fair price for the job that needed to be completed. They showed up a little early and ready to tackle the job! The quality of cleaning that they did was so much better than I expected! Our tenants left the building a mess and Joshua and his staff made it sparkle! I would hire them again in an instant.


    – LL Florida

    I was searching for cleaning companies for the company I work for, Stimwave Technologies. From the initial meeting Joshua was professional, honest, and very detailed. As we walked through the offices he pointed out things that I had not noticed that were being neglected from our previous cleaning company. He took the time to ask what were some of our “pain points” so he could spend extra time and care on those areas. He truly cares about the quality of work and goes above and beyond the call to ensure our offices are spotless. When it was difficult getting hand sanitizer he was abled to deliver! When our team members came to the office they immediately noticed the change and asked if we had hired a new cleaning company! All around 5 Stars. Thank you Joshua and the Sawgrass Cleaning Team for doing such a wonderful job. We are very grateful!


    – Stimwave Technologies

    Great cleaning service! Most dependable, effective and thorough I have ever found. To notch! HIghly recommended!


    – Physical Evidence Chiropractic

    Electrostatic Disinfection Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

    Electrostatic disinfection represents a new generation of advanced disinfecting technology, providing a fast and efficient method to reliably achieve 360-degrees of touchless disinfection across a broad range of surfaces and materials.

    This method utilizes an electrostatically charged (eco-friendly) mist that is applied to surfaces and objects. This mist is a specialized solution engineered to uniquely combine with the right amount of air, which is then “atomized” by an electrode housed within the sprayer.

    This uniquely charged spray of positive ions aggressively adheres to anything its sprayed on, creating an invisible barrier that evenly coats the surfaces. Once the spray has been applied, a sanitizing agent acts to thoroughly disinfect the area.

    How Does the Process of Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

    Traditional disinfecting of surfaces involves the wiping or spraying of that surface with disinfectant. However, this has several shortcomings including: uneven coating of disinfectant, missing hard to reach places, and missing areas of oddly shaped items. These “missed” areas allow for the multiplication and spread of pathogens to the “disinfected” areas later on, largely defeating the purpose of the process.

    A Superior Sanitation Method

    Electrostatic Disinfection, however, uses a specialized device and sprayer to coat surfaces with an electrostatically charged mist that attracts and allows various disinfectants and sanitizers to encompass and evenly coat the entire surface (not just what was directly sprayed or wiped). In lay terms, you can think of this electrostatic coat as a magnet attracting and pulling disinfectants to it. By doing so this results in a superiorly clean and pathogen-free area. This process is made possible due to a unique eco-friendly chemical that is given a positive charge, making it ionically bond to negatively charged surface areas.

    What is this Sanitation Method Effective Against?

    When combined with a disinfectant, the electrostatic spray is a superior solution, effective at combating a broad range of bacteria, molds, viruses and more.

    The specific spectrum of pathogens the spray will be effective against will depend on the type of disinfectant it is paired with.

    Is it Effective Against COVID-19?

    The disinfectants we use at Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions have been tested to be effective against the parent virus family COVID-19 comes from (Coronavirus).

    Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions: offering post-COVID incidence disinfection

    We are prepared and ready to assist with both COVID-19 prevention as well as incident response for businesses where a confirmed case has been identified.

    Is Electrostatic Spray Disinfection the Right Choice?

    With heightened concerns mounting around the spread of COVID-19 and other emerging threats, employees, employers, customers and stakeholders are all putting greater emphasis on the importance of the safety, there has never been a time when taking an extra step in disinfection was more important.

    Electrostatic disinfection is a key differentiating factor that can be used to increase the attractiveness and marketability of your company/business.

    With options between a company willing to invest in the latest safety measures for its customers and employees, vs one that doesn’t, the brand willing to take that extra step will win out every time.

    Further, this type of disinfection is especially ideal for those buildings or areas that are in “high traffic” locations, or prone to contaminates, pathogens, germs, and mold spores, as well as walls and floors that are required to be spotless.

    How Long Does the Process Take?

    At Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions we take pride in the efficiency of our services, getting the job done right in less time without cutting corners. The specific amount of time it will take to disinfect an area will be dependent on the square footage, features and other objects that needs to be sanitized. That said, electrostatic spray can result in up to a 50% reduced time needed to effectively disinfect an area.

    How Long Does it Last?

    The electrostatic spray acts to enhance disinfectant and ensure even full-coverage distribution. It improves the coverage area, leaving no nook or cranny uncovered. However, it is not a “preventative” film or barrier. As such, surfaces can (and likely will) become infected with unwanted dirt, grime, and pathogens over time.

    As such, it is generally advised to adhere to your regular cleaning schedule.

    Will it Leave Behind a Noticeable Film or Residue?

    In order for disinfectants to work effectively, they need to remain visibly moist or dwell on surface areas for a particular set period of time. For example, although Lysol or similar sanitizers claim that they kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, this is only true if it is left on the sanitized surface for at least 5 minutes before wiping down.

    Similarly, specialized disinfectants utilized in conjunction with electrostatic disinfection need to remain on the surface for a designated period of time (usually minutes). This can result in a temporary light layer of residue that once dry will not be visible or noticeable to touch.

    Can Electrostatic Spray Be Used On or Around Electronics?

    The words “electro” and “static” don’t often meld well with electronics. However, electrostatic spray is completely safe to use around electronics from desktop computers to tablets. However, it is advisable that the spray not be used directly on such electronics.

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